Argente Utilities

2.0 Alpha

Complete tools to maintain and optimize your PC


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Argente Utilities is a complete pack of tools that are developed to optimize your personal computer and improve its security.

The program is divided into four groups that come with different utilities that include the following:

- One Click Maintenance: Get your PC optimized and ready with just one click.

- Registry Cleaner: A cleaning tool that is used to clean your Windows Computer Registry.

- Disk Cleaner: Analyzes your local disks and searches for unnecessary files.

- Privacy Cleaner: Search engine that searchs and eliminates history and privacy on Windows.

- Uninstall Manager: Manages the applications that are installed in your operating system.

-StartUp Manager: Manages the programs that load when you turn on the computer.

- Process Manager: Gestures and stops the ejection processes.

- System Optimizer: Puts your system in shape for operation.

- Spyware Cleaner: Analyzes the computer system and searches for all types of malware and spyware.

- Spyware Immunize: Immunizes the computer system and prevents it from programs that try to hack your computer.

- System Manager: Manages Windows and makes it adapt to your necessities.

- System Repair: Solves the most common errors that arise with Windows.

- Argente Tools: Small tools that are very useful like a format converter, text and file encryption, and safe file elimination.

Also if this wasn't enough for you... Argente Utilities is completely free!
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